President’s Message

A school campus can verily be called “Dream Campus”. Of course, I don’t mean here ‘day dreaming’ which is simply building castles in the air, a sign of self-defeat and resignation. I interpret “dream” as “single-pointed focus” in which all energies of your mind, body, soul and spirit are collected together and directed towards achieving something unique and beautiful in life. “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep,” said Dr. Abdul Kalam. This one-pointed focus is the need of the hour as humanity is much distracted and disturbed today more than ever due mainly to the media’s dictatorship over our psyche. Our beloved children are the most vulnerable victims who are caught in its iron fist, losing focus and motivation on important aspects of life like self-control, critical judgement, positive thinking, growing in compassion and love etc. As teachers and educators, we need to teach them how to avoid distractions and temptations in life which come to them sweet-coated and how to keep their minds focused on their goal and run towards it with determination. When the students dream together in groups as friends it energizes them tremendously to be champions of a “New Creation” in which there is no injustice, lies, hatred but only brother/sisterhood, love and compassion for all beings and cosmic communion. May our campus be that blessed haven!

Rev Fr. Lawrence CMF