There are two blocks: Junior School building and the Senior School building with a lushly green playground, lawns, garden and children’s park surrounded by luxuriant trees. Each edifice houses a hall for common events. All labs as per the requirement of the Council are well furnished. The two librarieswith thousands of books meant for reference, in-school reading and carry-home accessibility and the finely equipped computer lab are attractions. Smart education system, in collaboration with Next Education, makes classrooms proficient and lively. A.V. Rooms fortify to the learning.

Physics Lab

Housed in a spacious airy room with the adequate infrastructure, the Physics laboratory is equipped to handle a practical approach to physics, starting right from the middle school up to class XII.

Chemistry Lab

Furnished with worktables, Bunsen burners and basins, the chemistry laboratory aims to provide a hands-on exposure to the subject. While students of the middle school are taken here for lecture-demonstrations, senior students are expected to conduct the experiments themselves as per the syllabus set by the council under the supervision of chemistry teacher and the lab technician.

Biology Lab

This laboratory boasts of gleaming rows of microscopes, rows of bottles housing various specimens and an articulated skeleton that are so essential for arousing proper interest in this subject.


St.Claret school library is a center of learning within our school where student learn to read and sharpen their vocabularies and share light moments. The staffs have access to a variety of resources too. The goal of the school library media center is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to books, reading, information, and technology. Our school library serves as the center and coordinating agency for all material used in the school.

Audio Visual Room

The Audio Visual room is equipped with a digital white board with an internet access that allows the students to view materials beyond the purview of their text books. This tool is used to stimulate the interest and the imagination of the students so that they are not confined to learning by rote.

Computer Lab

This lab is air conditioned and has banks of multimedia computers to allow the students to practice on the latest software and hone their computer literacy skills. The students are encouraged to create audio-visual presentations for various occasions in the school. As per the ICSE requirements computer projects simulate real world situations and students are expected to find programming solutions to them.


The school has a large grass covered playground, bordered by trees and shrubs. Adjoining it is the basketball court, the children’s park with swings, roundabouts, climbing frame and see- saws. All around the playground are paved seating areas, flowering beds and on one side, a raised dais. Football, cricket, volleyball and throw-ball matches are annual features which are held on this ground.


Students from far of places avail the best transportation provided by the school. There are 3 buses which are spacious, comfortable and punctual. Our school bus plays an important role even during the co-curricular and various educational trips.. The bus drivers and the conductors play a vital role in maintaining and helping the students. They are friendly and very helpful. The attenders treat the tiny tots with great care;