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Social Service

Social Service

Mission Mankind is an attempt by the Claretines to render help, assistance and support to the needy and the 'voiceless' section of Society. It is a ray of hope for the have-not’s which can usher in happiness in their mundane lives. It lends a helping hand to relieve the destitute and the poverty – stricken people. It is a mode of assistance to support the hungry, famished and the left out of the society.


The goal and objectives of Mission Mankind is to build up close and cozy ambience even for the abandoned and the food less and help those in need because everyone is a star and deserve the right to twinkle.

In a nutshell, what we want to say is that 'We Care'.

An Honest Act

  • Trip to Missionaries of Charity, Green Park, Dumdum
  • The Missionaries of Charity cares for the hapless who are in desperate need of food and shelter, such as the mentally challenged, children, orphans, aged persons.
  • Date of visit : 26th January  2016
  • Location : Green Park, Dumdum

  • Tour within campus-inside the campus we visited :
  • The inmates residence

Activities Encompass

  • Distributed Fruits and other eatables

  • Spend a day with physically and  mentally challenged people

  • Financial Help

Placental Presence

  • Free tuition Classes

  • Spreading general awareness for rainwater harvesting and planting of trees
  • Recycling of paper for various purposes which meant for sale
  • Providing proper education and all round development for the unfortunate progenies of present time
  • Helping teachers to facilitate and harmonize to inculcate probity to the toddlers
  • To provide educational Knowledge to the untutored and benighted sections of today’s society and helping them to inculcate moral rectitude and integrity.